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Hall & Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)

Hall & Oates - (1973) Abandoned LuncheonetteHall & Oates - (1973) Abandoned Luncheonette
Abandoned Luncheonette
Release Date: 1973
Label: Atlantic

Hall & Oates - Abandoned Luncheonette (1973)

Abandoned Luncheonette is a 1973 album by Hall & Oates. The diner on the cover of the Abandoned Luncheonette album was formerly the Rosedale Diner located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It went out of business and was dumped in a small wooded area located along Route 724 in Kenilworth, PA, where this picture was taken and where the diner stayed until it was basically stripped apart by 1983 by people looking for souvenirs. The remains were moved from the site shortly thereafter.

The best-known track from the album is "She's Gone," one of the act's best-loved songs. While it did not become a hit immediately, the song gained momentum from Tavares' later cover of it, which topped the Billboard R&B chart. The original was then re-released and became a Top 40 pop hit.

The album was critically acclaimed. Rolling Stone and Allmusic both gave it a 5/5.

1. When the Morning Comes
2. Had I Known You Better Then
3. Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
4. She's Gone
5. I'm Just a Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like A Man)
6. Abandoned Luncheonette
7. Lady Rain
8. Laughing Boy
9. Everytime I Look At You


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