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Trick 'r Treat (2008)

AKA: Trick or Treat
Director: Michael Dougherty
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Horror | Thriller
Runtime: USA:82 min
Country: Canada | USA
Language: English
Starring: Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Tahmoh Penikett

Plot: Four interwoven stories that occur on Halloween: An everyday high school principal has a secret life as a serial killer; a college virgin might have just met the one guy for her; a group of teenagers pull a mean prank; a woman who loathes the night has to contend with her holiday-obsessed husband.'r_Treat


Size: 699.15 MB
Video: XVID, 640x256, 1045kbps
Audio: MP3, 128kbps
Runtime: 82 minutes
Subtitle: English


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Kamen Rider Kuuga English Sub

Kamen Rider Kuuga (J-TV 2000)Kamen Rider Kuuga (J-TV 2000)

Kamen Rider Kuuga (仮面ライダークウガ, Kamen Raidā Kūga?, Masked Rider Kuuga) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is the tenth installment of the popular Kamen Rider Series of tokusatsu shows and the first of the series to air entirely in the Heisei period. It was a joint collaboration between Ishimori Productions and Toei, and was shown on TV Asahi from January 30, 2000 to January 21, 2001. Kamen Rider Kuuga is the first Kamen Rider Series to be broadcast in widescreen format (albeit presented in a letterbox format). The catchphrase for the series is "A New Hero, A New Legend".

• TV Show; Kamen Rider Kuuga
• Romaji: Kamen Raidâ Kûga
• Japanese: 仮面ライダークウガ
• Network: TV Asahi
• Episode: 49 + 1 Special
• Release Date: January 30, 2000 - January 21, 2001
• Language: Japanese
• Country: Japan

Long ago, the Grongi Tribe terrorized the Linto until a warrior named Kuuga appeared and defeated the Grongi, sealing their leader within a cave. In present day, a multi-talented man named Yuusuke Godai finds himself linked to the mysterious stoned belt that was found within the excavated cave as the Grongi are resurrected and resume their murderous game on the desandants of the Linto, humanity itself. It is up to Yuusuke, along with the assembled Science Police, to use the various powers of Kuuga in order to stop and defeat the Grongi Tribesmen from their continuous killing and ensure the happiness of others. However, as endgame draws near, Yuusuke learns that there is a horrible revelation behind Kuuga and the Grongis’ leader.

Kamen Rider Kuuga English Sub

Format: AVI
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Files: 49 Episodes + 1 Special
Total Size: 12.0 GB

Ep01-Ep04 : [T-N] - English (Hardsub)
Ep05-Ep49 : RAW - English (SRT Softsub)

Download link:

[t-n]kamen_rider_kuuga_-_01[22982A2B].avi 233.85 MB

[t-n]kamen_rider_kuuga_-_02[88182B2C].avi 233.86 MB

[t-n]kamen_rider_kuuga_-_03[03B43050].avi 233.71 MB

[t-n]kamen_rider_kuuga_-_04[EBC3A8B9].avi 233.54 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 05 (DVD).avi 185 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 06 (DVD).avi 230.25 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 07 (DVD).avi 229.07 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 08 (DVD).avi 214.54 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 09 (DVD).avi 199.97 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 10 (DVD).avi 222.8 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 11 (DVD).avi 277.46 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 12 (DVD).avi 244 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 13 (DVD).avi 253.93 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 14 (DVD).avi 280 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 15 (DVD).avi 205.17 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 16 (DVD).avi 202.96 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 17 (DVD).avi 265 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 18 (DVD).avi 274.68 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 19 (DVD).avi 191.57 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 20 (DVD).avi 248 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 21 (DVD).avi 241.89 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 22 (DVD).avi 218 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 23 (DVD).avi 194.18 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 24 (DVD).avi 201 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 25 (DVD).avi 247.58 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 26 (DVD).avi 219 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 27 (DVD).avi 243 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 28 (DVD).avi 196 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 29 (DVD).avi 205.05 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 30 (DVD).avi 272.55 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 31 (DVD).avi 271.63 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 32 (DVD).avi 243.86 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 33 (DVD).avi 238.94 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 34 (DVD).avi 292.61 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 35 (DVD).avi 271.24 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 36 (DVD).avi 295 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 37 (DVD).avi 273.03 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 38 (DVD).avi 271.57 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 39 (DVD).avi 308.43 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 40 (DVD).avi 165.23 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 41 (DVD).avi 197.82 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 42 (DVD).avi 271.22 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 43 (DVD).avi 271 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 44 (DVD).avi 271.52 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 45 (DVD).avi 271.81 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 46 (DVD).avi 172.47 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 47 (DVD).avi 167.91 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 48 (DVD).avi 177.4 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 49 (DVD).avi 271.33 MB

Kamen Rider Kuuga 46.5 (Special).avi 766 MB


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Pulp Discography


Formed: 1978, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
AKA: Arabicus, Arabicus Pulp
Genres: Britpop, Pop/Rock, Art Rock, Indie Pop, Pop, Post-Punk

Full Discography

Studio Albums:
1983: It
1987: Freaks
1992: Separations
1994: His 'n' Hers [Deluxe Edition]
1995: Different Class [Deluxe Edition]
1998: This Is Hardcore [Deluxe Edition]
2001: We Love Life

Compilation Albums:
1984: Sudan Gerri (demos)
1993: Intro The Gift Recordings
1994: Masters Of The Universe
1995: Get Frisky With Pulp
1995: Second Class
1996: Countdown (1992-1983)
1998: Goes To The Disco
2002: Hits
2006: The Complete Peel Sessions

# Track list and rapidshare link available in above album link...

Pulp - Hits (2002)

Pulp - (2002) HitsCompilation Albums

Pulp - Hits (2002)

1. Babies
2. Razzmatazz
3. Lipgloss
4. Do You Remember the First Time?
5. Common People
6. Underwear
7. Sorted For E's & Wizz
8. Disco 2000
9. Something Changed
10. Help the Aged
11. This is Hardcore
12. A Little Soul
13. Party Hard
14. The Trees
15. Bad Cover Version
16. Sunrise
17. Last Day Of The Miner's Strike


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Pulp - The Complete Peel Sessions (2006)

Pulp - (2006) The Complete Peel SessionsCompilation Albums

Pulp - The Complete Peel Sessions (2006)

Disc 1:
1. Turkey Mambo Momma (Peel Session: November 1981)
2. Please Don't Worry (Peel Session: November 1981)
3. Wishful Thinking (Peel Session: November 1981)
4. Refuse to Be Blind (Peel Session: November 1981)
5. Pink Glove (Peel Session: March 1993)
6. You're a Nightmare (Peel Session: March 1993)
7. Acrylic Afternoons (Peel Session: March 1993)
8. Underwear (Peel Session: October 1994)
9. Common People (Peel Session: October 1994)
10. Pencil Skirt (Peel Session: October 1994)
11. Sunrise (Peel Session: August 2001)
12. Weeds (Peel Session: August 2001)
13. I Love Life (Peel Session: August 2001)
14. Duck Diving (Peel Session: August 2001)

Disc 2:
1. Peter Gunn Theme (Live at King's College, London: September 2001)
2. Sorted For E's & Wizz (Live at King's College, London: September 2001)
3. Help the Aged (Live at King's College, London: September 2001)
4. This is Hardcore (Live at King's College, London: September 2001)
5. Sunrise (Live at King's College, London: September 2001)
6. Mile End (Live at Anson Rooms, Bristol: April 1995)
7. Do You Remember the First Time? (Live at Anson Rooms, Bristol: April 1995)
8. Babies (Live at Anson Rooms, Bristol: April 1995)
9. Weeds (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
10. Weeds II (The Origin of the Species) (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
11. The Fear (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
12. The Trees (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
13. I Love Life (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
14. Party Hard (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)
15. Common People (Live at Birmingham Academy: October 2001)


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Pulp - Goes To The Disco (1998)

Pulp - (1998) Goes To The DiscoCompilation Albums

Pulp - Goes To The Disco (1998)

1. Death II
2. Death Goes To The Disco
3. Countdown (single version: radio edit)
4. My Legendary Girlfriend
5. Is This House?
6. This House is Condemned (remix)
7. Countdown (single version: extended)
8. Love is Blind
9. The Mark of the Devil
10. Master of the Universe


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Pulp - Second Class (1995)

Pulp - (1995) Second ClassCompilation Albums

Pulp - Second Class (1995)

1. Mile End
2. Ansaphone
3. Live Bed Show (Extended)
4. Your Sister's Clothes
5. Seconds
6. Deep Fried In Kelvin
7. The Babysitter
8. Street Lites
9. Common People '96 (7'' Edit)
10. P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association)
11. Common People (Motiv 8 Club Mix)
12. We Are The Boyz
13. All Time High
14. Like A Friend (Album Version)


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Pulp - Countdown (1992-1983) (1996)

Pulp - (1996) Countdown (1992-1983)Compilation Albums

Pulp - Countdown (1992-1983) (1996)

Disc 1:
1. Countdown (single version: radio edit)
2. Death Goes To The Disco
3. My Legendary Girlfriend
4. Don't You Want Me Anymore?
5. She's Dead
6. Down By the River
7. I Want You
8. Being Followed Home
9. Master of the Universe
10. Don't You Know
11. They Suffocate at Night

Disc 2:
1. Dogs Are Everywhere
2. The Mark of the Devil
3. 97 Lovers
4. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
5. Blue Glow
6. My Lighthouse
7. Wishful Thinking
8. Blue Girls
9. Countdown (single version: extended)


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Pulp - Get Frisky With Pulp (1995)

Pulp - (1995) Get Frisky With PulpCompilation Albums

Pulp - Get Frisky With Pulp (1995)

1. Common People (Live Top Of The Pops '95).
2. Underwear (Live At The Lighthouse '95)
3. Do You Remember The First Time (Live Glastonbury '94)
4. Babies (Live Glastonbury '94)
5. Monday Morning (Live The White Room '95)
6. Pink Glove (Live At The Astoria)
7. Lipgloss (Live At The Astoria)
8. Have You Seen Her Lately (Live At The Astoria)
9. Joyriders (Live At The Astoria)
10. Acrylic Afternoons (Live At The Astoria)
11. His 'N' Hers (Butt Naked '94)
12. She's A Lady (Butt Naked '94)
13. Underwear (Peel Session)
14. Pencil Skirt (Peel Session
15. Common People (Peel Session)
16. Mile End (Radio Session)
17. Mis-Shapes (Radio Session)


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Pulp - Intro: The Gift Recordings (1993)

Pulp - (1993) Intro The Gift RecordingsCompilation Albums

Pulp - Intro: The Gift Recordings (1993)

1. Space
2. O.U.
3. Babies
4. Styloroc (Nites of Suburbia)
5. Razzmatazz
6. Sheffield: Sex City
7. Stacks
8. Inside Susan
9. 59 Lyndhurst Grove


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Pulp - Masters Of The Universe: Pulp on Fire 1985-1986 (1994)

Pulp - (1994) Masters Of The UniverseCompilation Albums

Pulp - Masters Of The Universe: Pulp on Fire 1985-1986 (1994)

1. Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
2. Simultaneous
3. Blue Glow
4. The Will to Power
5. Dogs are Everywhere
6. The Mark of the Devil
7. 97 Lovers
8. Aborigine
9. Goodnight
10. They Suffocate At Night
11. Tunnel
12. Master of the Universe (sanatised version)
13. Manon


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Pulp - Sudan Gerri (demos) (1984)

Pulp - (1984) Sudan Gerri (demos)Pulp - Sudan Gerri (demos) (1984)

1. Don't You Know
2. Anorexic Beauty
3. Take You Back
4. The Will To Power
5. Simultaneous
6. Little Girl (with Blue Eyes)
7. Srpski Jeb
8. Cousins
9. Maureen
10. Blue Glow
11. Silence


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Pulp - We Love Life (2001)

Pulp - (2001) We Love LifeWe Love Life
Release Date: October 22, 2001
Label: Rough Trade (Hep400)

Pulp - We Love Life (2001)

1. Weeds
2. Weeds II (The Origin of the Species)
3. The Night that Minnie Timperley Died
4. The Trees
5. Wickerman
6. I Love Life
7. The Birds in Your Garden
8. Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)
9. Bad Cover Version
10. Roadkill
11. Sunrise


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Pulp - Different Class (1995) [Deluxe Edition]

Pulp - (1995) Different Class [Deluxe Edition]Different Class
Release Date: October 30, 1995
Label: Polygram

Pulp - Different Class (1995) [Deluxe Edition]

Disc 1:
1. Mis-shapes
2. Pencil Skirt
3. Common People
4. I Spy
5. Disco 2000
6. Live Bed Show
7. Something Changed
8. Sorted For E's & Wizz
9. F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E.
10. Underwear
11. Monday Morning
12. Bar Italia

Disc 2:
1. Common People (live at Glastonbury 1995)
2. Mile End
3. P.T.A. (Parent Teacher Association)
4. Ansaphone (demo)
5. Paula (demo)
6. Catcliffe Shakedown (demo)
7. We Can Dance Again (demo)
8. Don't Lose It (demo)
9. Whiskey in the Jar
10. Disco 2000 (Nick Cave Pub Rock version)
11. Common People (Vocoda club mix)


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Pulp - This Is Hardcore (1998) [Deluxe Edition]

Pulp - (1998) This Is Hardcore [Deluxe Edition]This Is Hardcore
Release Date: March 31, 1998
Label: Island

Pulp - This Is Hardcore (1998) [Deluxe Edition]

Disc 1:
1. The Fear
2. Dishes
3. Party Hard
4. Help the Aged
5. This is Hardcore
6. TV Movie
7. A Little Soul
8. I'm a Man
9. Seductive Barry
10. Sylvia
11. Glory Days
12. The Day After the Revolution

Disc 2:
1. Cocaine Socialism ('proper' version)
2. It's a Dirty World (recording session outtake)
3. Like a Friend
4. The Professional
5. Ladies' Man
6. Laughing Boy
7. We Are the Boyz
8. Tomorrow Never Dies (rough mix)
9. Can I Have My Balls Back, Please? (demo)
10. Modern Marriage (demo)
11. My Erection (demo)
12. You Are the One (demo)
13. Street Operator (demo)
14. This is Hardcore (End of the Line Mix)


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Pulp - His 'n' Hers (1994) [Deluxe Edition]

Pulp - (1994) His 'n' Hers [Deluxe Edition]His 'n' Hers
Release Date: June 21, 1994
Label: Island

Pulp - His 'n' Hers (1994) [Deluxe Edition]

Disc 1:
1. Joyriders
2. Lipgloss
3. Acrylic Afternoons
4. Have You Seen Her Lately?
5. Babies
6. She's a Lady
7. Happy Endings
8. Do You Remember the First Time?
9. Pink Glove
10. Someone Like the Moon
11. David's Last Summer

Disc 2:
1. Live On (BBC Mark Goodier session)
2. You're Not Blind (demo)
3. Space (BBC Hit the North session soundcheck)
4. The Boss (demo)
5. Watching Nicky (demo)
6. Frightened (demo)
7. Your Sister's Clothes
8. Seconds
9. His 'n' Hers
10. Street Lites
11. You're a Nightmare
12. The Babysitter
13. Deep Fried in Kelvin


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Pulp - Separations (1992)

Pulp - (1992) SeparationsSeparations
Release Date: 1992
Label: Razor & Tie

Pulp - Separations (1992)

1. Love is Blind
2. Don't You Want Me Anymore?
3. She's Dead
4. Separations
5. Down By the River
6. Countdown
7. My Legendary Girlfriend
8. Death II
9. This House is Condemned


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Pulp - Freaks (1987)

Pulp - (1987) FreaksFreaks
Release Date: 1986
Label: Fire

Pulp - Freaks (1987)

1. Fairground
2. I Want You
3. Being Followed Home
4. Master of the Universe
5. Life Must Be So Wonderful
6. There's No Emotion
7. Anorexic Beauty
8. The Never-Ending Story
9. Don't You Know
10. They Suffocate at Night


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Pulp - It (1983)

Pulp - (1983) ItIt
Release Date: 1983
Label: Cherry Red

Pulp - It (1983)

1. My Lighthouse
2. Wishful Thinking
3. Joking Aside
4. Boats and Trains
5. Blue Girls
6. Love Love
7. In Many Ways
8. Looking for Life


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Kamen Rider Ryuki [T-N] - English (Hardsub)

Kamen Rider Ryuki (J-TV 2002)

Genre: Tokusatsu
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Episode: 50 + 1 Movie + 1 Special
Original run: February 3, 2002 (2002-02-03) – January 19, 2003 (2003-01-19)

A journalist called Shinji Kido finds a Advent Deck while investigating a series of mysterious disappearances. after four encounters with beings of the mirror world and being saved by Knight he changed into Kamen Rider Ryuki and formed a contract with Dragredder now he fights not only the mirror monsters but also the other 12 Riders in the Rider Wars to keep other people and himself save.

Kamen Rider Ryuki [T-N] - English (Hardsub)
Japanese audio with English fansubs by TV-Nihon

Format: AVI
Audio : Japanese
Subtitle : English (Hardsub)
Sub Group : [T-N] TV-Nihon

Files: 50 Episodes + 1 Movie + 1 Special
Total Size: 12.5 GB


[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_01[E6FC2658]DVD.avi 222.6 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_02[09ABFD9C]DVD.avi 197.8 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_03[8FBBE460]DVD.avi 256.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_04[9BCAB692]DVD.avi 243.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_05[5B67BB95]DVD.avi 202.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_06[5685373C]DVD.avi 266.8 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_07[DE4A7FB8]DVD.avi 239.8 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_08[CC834613]DVD.avi 220.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_09[32A134A2]DVD.avi 243.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_10[C030B632]DVD.avi 221.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_11[C70C24A0]DVD.avi 235.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_12[52504330]DVD.avi 219.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_13[B54F0514]DVD.avi 238.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_14[CBA3890A]DVD.avi 204.4 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_15[B543DE60]DVD.avi 198.1 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_16[C9350AA6]DVD.avi 279.1 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_17[D35A3B1A]DVD.avi 204.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_18[14C5D389]DVD.avi 237.1 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_19[CF05C6B8]DVD.avi 237.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_20[E373FD4B]DVD.avi 249.8 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_21[AABE25B4]DVD.avi 217.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_22[ADE0D9E3]DVD.avi 214.1 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_23[02417AD9]DVD.avi 275.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_24[14E68ECA]DVD.avi 223.7 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_25[753EE44C]DVD.avi 195.1 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_26[4924E73A]DVD.avi 265.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_27[0F7265A5]DVD.avi 243.4 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_28[527A75A0]DVD.avi 225.4 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_29[5DCEB167]DVD.avi 241.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_30[EC3318A6]DVD.avi 278.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_31[4CCC1AAE]DVD.avi 213.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_32[E0526207]DVD.avi 197 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_33[53BA97DB]DVD.avi 213.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_34[75E93B05]DVD.avi 247.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_35[92C8E2DD]DVD.avi 232.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_36[F6B2EEB6]DVD.avi 236.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_37[CB76D3AF]DVD.avi 197 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_38[386FCCD3]DVD.avi 208.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_39[4E6FAF01]DVD.avi 279 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_40[32173187]DVD.avi 250.3 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_41[8B9FE783]DVD.avi 218.4 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_42[FA93AA1C]DVD.avi 205.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_43[9B2988B4]DVD.avi 264.01 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_44[CC520646]DVD.avi 253.5 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_45[470D33EC]DVD.avi 227.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_46[DDEE2FBE]DVD.avi 222.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_47[D2F8D229]DVD.avi 212.2 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_48[25314B9C]DVD.avi 231.9 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_49[BDA223F1]DVD.avi 270.6 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_50[173FF6DB]DVD.avi 244.6 MB

[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_Special[04616A6A]DVD.avi 521 MB

Kamen Rider Ryuki Movie: Episode Final

Kamen Rider Ryuki Movie - Episode Final (2002)
This movie is an alternate ending to the series, taking place after the events of episode 46. With only six Riders remaining in the Rider War: five of the six, Ryuki (Shinji Kido), Knight (Ren Akiyama), Zolda (Shuichi Kitaoka), Ohja (Takeshi Asakura), and Femme (Miho Kirishima), Shirō Kanzaki alerts them to quickly settle the Rider War within three days. One of them must win and become the last survivor before the sixth surviving rider reveals himself. Amidst the impending chaos of the fight between the Riders, Shinji discovers an unbelievable truth about the relationship between Yui Kanzaki and the Mirror World, as well as discovering the existence of his Mirror World doppelganger, Kamen Rider Ryuga.


[T-N]Kamen_Rider_Ryuki_Movie_DC[4B0AAEF2]DVD.avi 701.8 MB


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Kamen Rider Kuuga English Sub

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Law Abiding Citizen (2009)


Genre: Crime | Drama | Thriller
Tagline: The System Must Pay
Starring; Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Leslie Bibb, and Viola Davis

Runtime: 01:57:13
Source: DVD NTSC
FourCC: xvid/XVID
Resolution: 640x272
Aspect Ratio: ~2.35
Framerate: 23.976 fps
Bitrate: 714 kbps
Qf: 0.171019
Audio tag: MP3
Bitrate: 112 VBR
Channels: 2
Sample Rate: 44100
Size: 699 MB
Subtitle: English

A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.


Law Abiding Citizen[2009]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Law Abiding Citizen[2009]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG

TiTLE.........[ Law Abiding Citizen
YEAR..........[ 2009
GENRE.........[ Crime | Drama | Thriller
RUNTiME.......[ 1:48:50
iMDB RATE.....[ 7.3/10 (22,614 votes)
FXG RATE......[ 8.2/10 (2 votes)
iMDB URL......[

AUDiO.........[ MP3 48000Hz 128 kb/s CBR (2 chnls)
LANGUAGE......[ English
ViDEO.........[ 762 kbps XviD 23.976 FPS
RESOLUTiON....[ 640 x 256
DAR...........[ 2.500 (5:2)
SUBS..........[ English
SiZE..........[ 700 MB

RiP...........[ #314
RELEASE DATE..[ 02/02/2010

A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.


Friday, February 12, 2010

Meteor Garden II (2002) (Taiwanese Drama)

Meteor Garden II (2002) (Taiwanese Drama)

* Title: 流星花園 II / Liu Xing Hua Yuan II
* English title: Meteor Garden II
* Genre: Drama, Romance
* Broadcast network: CTS
* Related shows: Hana Yori Dango, Meteor Rain, Boys Before Flowers, Liu Xing Yu
* Episodes: 31
* Broadcast period: 2002-Nov-11
* Theme song: Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni (絕不能失去你) Can't Lose You by F4
* Ending song: Yan Huo De Ji Jie (煙火的季節) The Season of Fireworks by F4

* Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
* Subtitle: English/Chinese (Hard-subbed)

F4 graduates from Ying De Xue Yuan. Dao Ming Si invites Shan Cai to go on F4's graduation trip with them to Spain, which is actually F4's way of letting Shan Cai and Dao Ming Si spend some time alone. Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai becomes inseparable during the trip. Just before Shan Cai and Si leave for Spain, Hua Ze Lei gave Ah Si an envelope with a "smart advice" in it. When Ah Si opens the envelope, he finds that the advice from Hua Ze Lei was to ask Shan Cai to marry him in an old church with a legend. Dao Ming Si buys a "Meteor Ring" which Shan Cai had her eyes on, and prepares to propose to her in a church that had special meanings of "love".

However, on the way to the church, Dao Ming Si gets into a car accident which had causes him to lose his memory. He met Ye Sha at that time, who helps him and looks after him. The sudden disappearance of Ah Si causes Shan Cai to worry, so she asks Jing to help her. The other three members of F4 also came to Spain immediately after they hear the news.

What follows is a story full of ups and downs as Shan Cai tries to find Dao Ming Si and help him regain his memory.

In this continued story of Meteor Garden, the love story of Xi Men and Mei Zuo are shown. The reason why Xi Men is such a playboy is revealed, as well as Mei Zuo's own love story since he was in elementary school.

* Barbie Xu as Shan Cai
* Jerry Yan as Dao Ming Si
* Vic Zhou as Hua Ze Lei
* Ken Zhu as Shi Men
* Vanness Wu as Mei Zuo
* Michelle Saram as Ye Sha
* Winnie Qian as Teng Tang Jing
* Mary Hsu as Dao Ming Zhuang
* Edward Ou as Qing He
* Megan Lai as Mimi
* Wu Pei Ci (吳佩慈) as Xiao Qiao

Meteor Garden II:

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Subtitle: English/Chinese (Hard-subbed)
Total Size: 9.53 GB
Source: TV-Rip @ Singapore

Download Link:

meteor_garden_ii_ep01-[jem].avi 324.8 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep02-[jem].avi 325.3 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep03-[jem].avi 324.8 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep04-[jem].avi 325.6 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep05-[jem].avi 325.6 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep06-[jem].avi 326.6 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep07-[jem].avi 325.8 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep08-[jem].avi 325.7 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep09-[jem].avi 324.6 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep10-[jem].avi 324.8 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep11-[jem].avi 324 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep12-[jem].avi 326.2 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep13-[jem].avi 327 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep14-[jem].avi 324.4 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep15-[jem].avi 325.2 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep16-[jem].avi 325.7 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep17-[jem].avi 324.9 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep18-[jem].avi 325 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep19-[jem].avi 324.5 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep20-[jem].avi 325.6 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep21-[jem].avi 327.1 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep22-[jem].avi 324.5 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep23-[jem].avi 324.7 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep24-[jem].avi 325.9 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep25-[jem].avi 325.4 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep26-[jem].avi 325.4 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep27-[jem].avi 325.4 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep28-[jem].avi 325 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep29-[jem].avi 324.3 MB

meteor_garden_ii_ep30-31#[jem].avi 324.9 MB


See: Meteor Garden 1 (2001) RS Link

Friday, February 5, 2010


Senior Skip Day (2008)

Senior Skip Day (2008)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Clint Howard and Ted Lange
Tagline: The day to make your mark...Don't skip it.

A group of Senior kids try and break into their principals house to throw a senior skip day party.

Adam Harris, a semi-lame senior, is head over heels in love with Cara. Unfortunately she is the most popular girl in school. On the one day of the year that he could actually have a chance, senior skip day, he screws it all up by accidentaly slipping the location of the party to his principle. But have no fear, in a last resort effort he moves the party to his house and all seems to be well. Or is it...


Runtime.......[ 1:25:55
Language......[ English
Hard Subtitle.[ N/A
SRT Subtitle..[ English
Resolution....[ 640 x 352
Audio ........[ MP3 133 Kbps
Video ........[ DivX 994 Kbps
Size..........[ 700 MB


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



Title.........[ The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard
Year..........[ 2009
Genre.........[ Comedy
IMDB url......[
Runtime.......[ 01:29:42
Resolution....[ 592 x 336
Subtitle......[ English ( srt )
Files.........[ 1
Size..........[ 700.3 MB

Used-car liquidator Don Ready is hired by a flailing auto dealership to turn their Fourth of July sale into a majorly profitable event.



American High School (2009)

American High School (2009)

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Tagline: Life Is What You Learn Between The Sheets
Starring: Aubrey O'Day, Jillian Murray, Nikki Ziering, and Talan Torriero

Plot: "American High School," a romantic comedy, is centered on two people who marry young and contend with the consequences of "bad" actions. Moreover, it is a story about a young, frightened girl, Gwen Adams who tries to break away from her father, find peace with her husband, and find peace within. In a world that expects everything from her, being herself was the last thing on her mind. When pushed to the breaking point, she discovers her own self-worth. But is it too late?


Title: American High School (2009)
Retail Date: apr 07th, 2009
Release Date: Apr 09th, 2009
Source: R1 NTSC DVD
Video Bitrate: 991kbps
Audio Bitrate: mp3 vbr 129kbit
Runtime: 1:26:34
Resolution: 640x352
Subtitles: English
IMDB Link:
Size: 701 MB


Good Luck Chuck[2007][Unrated Edition]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG

Good Luck Chuck (2007)Good Luck Chuck[2007][Unrated Edition]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG

TiTLE......[ Good Luck Chuck
YEAR.......[ 2007
GENRE......[ Comedy / Romance
RUNTiME....[ 01:41:18
iMDB RATE..[ 5.5/10 (7.549 votes)
iMDB URL...[

AUDiO......[ MP3 48000Hz 128 kb/s CBR (2 chnls)
LANGUAGE...[ English
ViDEO......[ 840 kbps DivX 23.976 FPS
RESOLUTiON.[ 560 x 304
SUBS.......[ English
SiZE.......[ 699 MB

In order to keep the woman of his dreams from falling for another guy, Charlie Logan has to break the curse that has made him wildly popular with single women: Sleep with Charlie once, and the next man you meet will be your true love.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The Ugly Truth (2009)

The Ugly Truth (2009)

Director: Robert Luketic
Genre: Comedy | Romance
Starring: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Eric Winter, John Michael Higgins, Nick Searcy

Plot: A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.


Release Date: October 16, 2009
Source: Blu-Ray
Size: 700.17 MB
Video: XviD 23.98fps 640x272 850kbps
Audio: MP3 VBR 157kbps
Runtime: 1hr 32mins
Subtitle: english



Extract (2009)

Extract (2009)

Genre: Comedy
Starring: Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Beth Grant, and Jenny O'Hara
Tagline: This Labor Day, the creator of OFFICE SPACE heads back to work.
Plot: Joel, the owner of an Extract plant, tries to contend with myriad personal and professional problems, such as his potentially unfaithful wife and employees who want to take advantage of him.


RUNTiME : 1:31:46
ViDEO : 920 kbps
AUDiO : 134 kbps 2ch. MP3
RESOLUTiON : 624x336 1.86:1
Size: 700 MB
Subtitle: English

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